Berlin in the Cold War (Lecture)

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No other city reflects the turbulent developments of German history in the 20th century as clearly as Berlin. Due to the German division after World War II, the city was seen as the “Capital of the Cold War,” and for a long time, she stood in the focus of political competition and block confrontation between the East and the West. But Berlin also played a key role in overcoming the division of Europe in 1989-90.

A film shows a historical tour through Berlin with the following places

– Brandenburg Gate

– Checkpoint Charlie

– Tempelhof Airport

– Reichstag Building

– Glienicke Bridge

– Bernauer Strasse Memorial

Required Literature

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About the lecturer

Dr. Michael C. Bienert studied History, Literary Studies, and German and has a Ph.D. in history. Since 2011 he is the director of the state archive „Stiftung Ernst-Reuter-Archiv“ in Berlin. He is working and researching on the history of German parliamentarian of the 19th and 20th century, the history of the Cold War, and German foreign policy.


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