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Welcome to SARU 2021! This will be the start to two exciting weeks for us and hopefully for you as well. In this virtual meeting you are going to meet all your fellow students as well as our experts. We will also assign the group tasks to you.

Today the SARU 2021 will be open by speaking the Rostock University, in the below section you can find the recorded video of the opening program which will be recorded, and find more information about the participants and the SARU organizer and also some information about the group tasks.

Required Literature

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Opening / Greetings


Introduction of lecturers & organization team

Group tasks

Task 1:

Analyze the different political aims of the four Allies (USSR, USA, Great Britain and France) concerning the reunification of Germany 1989/90

Contact: Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Stefan Creuzberger / Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Dierk Hoffmann

Task 2:

Describe the economic challenges of the German reunification with two different economic systems (market economy versus centralized planned economy) and discuss alternative solutions

Contact: Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Stefan Creuzberger / Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Dierk Hoffmann

Task 3:

What have been the international implications of German reunification for Europe and the world?

Contact: Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Jörn Dosch

Task 4:

30 years after reunification, is Germany really unified? Analyze parties and elections in recent elections.

Contact: Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Wolfgang Muno

Task 5:

Describe the main legal challenges for integrating a reunified Germany into international organizations such as the EU and the UN and for securing peaceful relationships with its neighbors.

Contact: Prof. Dr. jur. habil. Markus Rehberg

Task 6:

What do you think: Was gender inequality in employment more pronounced in the former East or in the former West Germany before (re-)unification? What answer to this question does the documentary “From Us to Me” suggest?

After (re-)unification: Did East Germany become more like West Germany with respect to employment-related gender inequalities or the other way around? How does the documentary portray the changes in the character of work after (re-)unification?

Contact: Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Heike Trappe / Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Gabriele Linke

About the lecturer

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